Testimonial 10

We are extremely excited about our beautiful new home in Seville and I would be remiss if I didn't share how wonderful our experience was with Decor Design Construction. First off Mark Strouse is an amazing professional and he runs his business with integrity and class. During the negative impact of the pandemic increases in materials, back orders, and delays he was always fighting for his customers and trying to soften the blow of inflated materials, even eating some costs. He is honest and forthright in dealing with his customers and always makes decisions in favor of the customer. His team, same professionalism and customer focused philosophy, which in our society today is almost non-existent. Communication was exceptional and DDC has a proactive approached in sharing information. Buildertrend was always up to date, and we were informed in the entire 5 month build. We had guidance throughout the entire process and Shelly was instrumental in the selections that were right for us. Our experience was so positve that I felt the need to share it with you. We have been in our home two weeks and we are incredibly happy. Thank you Medina County HBA for your partnership with DDC as they were the reason we chose to build in Seville, Ohio and we are grateful for the opportunity to build with them.